Be Your Own Studio is a creative company specialized in Music & Sound. Committed to elevating the potential of artists and corporate projects.

We do: Studio – Academy – Marketing






Original Music

We compose original music for Artists, Record Labels, Commercials, TV, Films, Games, Art, Installations, Radio.

Music production

Music production plays a crucial role in elevating the impact of your projects. Making the right decisions and strategic moves is key for achieving a professional sound and aligning with the trajectory necessary to attain your objectives.

Mixing & Mastering

Unlock your music’s full potential with expert mix and master services. Elevate clarity, emotions and loudness for an unforgettable sonic experience.

Achieving Balance and Clarity.
Enhancing Emotional Impact.
Correcting Imperfections.

Professionalism and Commercial Viability.

Sound Design

An adept sound design not only imparts distinctive character to your project but also ensures exceptional quality and differentiation. It serves as a critical component in enhancing the overall experience, setting your work apart with unparalleled uniqueness and quality.

Foley & Field Recording

Achieving high recording quality and incorporating an exceptional sound and foley production into your project is key in any audiovisual project.


From the casting process to recording, we specialize in securing voices that perfectly align with the requirements of your project. Both Spanish and English language needs.


One to One
One-to-one learning is very unique and special. Offering personalized guidance in technical skills, creative exploration, and industry insights. This tailored approach nurtures unique talents, accelerates growth, and cultivates a profound understanding of the craft.

Navigating the music industry requires a strategic approach—understanding the next steps, setting goals, and forging a path. This not only cultivates motivation and discipline but is also a self-care strategy, prioritizing personal focus. In this context, mentoring is crucial for transmitting knowledge, fostering creativity, and guiding emerging artists through the complexities of the industry.

Unique and exclusive Masterclasses experiences featuring world-class artists and producers. Follow our Instagram account for updates and ensure you don’t miss these exclusive opportunities for knowledge and inspiration.


Artist & Release Strategy Plan
In today’s competitive music industry, creating great music alone may not be enough to guarantee success. A well-executed music marketing campaign is a vital component of a successful launch. It creates awareness, fosters a connection with fans, expands the artist’s reach, and boosts sales and streaming numbers. Beyond the initial release, an effective campaign can lay the groundwork for a thriving and sustainable music career. As the music industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative marketing strategies is essential for artists to stand out, reach their full potential, and leave a lasting impact on the world with their music.

Connecting with New Audiences. Maximizing Reach.
Creating Momentum.
Enhancing Professional Image.
Boosting Sales and Streaming Numbers. Opening Doors to Opportunities.

Social Media Ads Programming
Whether your objective is to increase ticket sales, boost streaming numbers, or grow your fanbase, ads represents a strategic means to reach both a broader and targeted audience effectively.

Playlist Creation & Promotion
Establish and expand your curated playlist, concurrently increasing streaming engagement and generating revenue by promoting fellow artists within the playlist.




T-shirt, Cap, Mug, Hoodie… High end products for your day to day activities. This is Emotional Electronic Music.