[BYO·019] Pjets – In Reach (Remixes)

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Be Your Own Studio Label


  1. In Reach (DWYR Remix)
  2. Stars (Idriss Reina Remix)

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For Be Your Own Studio nineteenth reference, we have a stelar selection of artists that have already been on the label. The main name for this release is belgium producer for Pjets bringing In Reach Remixes EP. North American DJ Producer DWYR brings some electronica-dance vibes with In Reach Remix. A great revision of the original Ambient track, making it sound meditative and energetic at the same time. The Remixes EP concludes with experimental electronica chief Idriss Reina with Stars remixed. Deep and heavy bass, sofisticated perc elements and breathtaking glitches. A two-minute song that will grant you the need for an extra play.