[BYO·029] Gleezy – Memory Den (Remixes)

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Be Your Own Studio Label


  1. Memory Den (Cheap Monk Remix)
  2. Memory Den (OCKTIVE Remix)
  3. Memory Den (Gleezy’s Eclectic Remix)
  4. Memory Den (ARVOW Remix)

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‘Memory Den Remixes’ EP is one of those works you have to stop and listen carefully. Gleezy did a stellar selection for his remixes EP. Starting with lo-fi producer and composer Cheap Monk from Málaga, Spain. His review on Memory Den offers a calm and chill beat, keeping the most beautiful melodies in the track and remaking a brand new song with a very peaceful and nostalgic perspective.

Followed by OCKTIVE remix, an IDM/Breakbeat masterpiece. The duo from Madrid bring an intergalactic trip. The synths and vocals introduce you in a brand new world, and then.. a super strong and intense bass comes in leading you to an emotional ecstasy.

Gleezy also did a revision of his track with his Eclectic Remix. This time, the track offers a more dance focused track with a solid bassline that fits perfectly with the drums work. This time Gleezy took the opportunity to get out of common structures and experiment with new rhythms.

Concluding the EP, we have the ambient electronica breakbeat producer from UK ARVØW, he transformed Memory Den into a pure ambient world surrounded by beautiful and intriguing soundscapes


Madrid born and raised, Gleezy is an electronic music artist. With a wide source of inspiration that comes from the UK electronic scene to Hip Hop, his style brings...

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Breakbeat, Ambient and Electronica artist ARVØW continues to experiment in the worlds of sound synthesis, contemporary composition and Dance music. Each track holding emotional themes of introspection and hope....

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United by the experimentation with melodic, IDM and techno sounds, Gonzalo Bautista (former keyboardist of the Spanish post-rock band Autumn Comets) and Dani González (a.k.a Gleezy) are OCKTIVE.


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