[BYO·002] Gleezy – Summer Nights With The Window Open

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  1. June Chat
  2. Recel Party
  3. 10 Years
  4. +1 (Underwater)
  5. Summer Nights With The Window Open

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Summer Nights tries to reflect certain sensations that I am able to rescue from my memory regarding a bygone era that sometimes still appear in the form of reminiscence motivated by sounds, music or even smells or times of the year’ – Says Gleezy. Just by listening we notice that it is not a banal music, each song tells a story. However, the artist wants to leave the unknown in the air, so that listeners interpret and relate the music to their own experiences. Despite having very variated influences (Kendric Lamar, Daft Punk or Mac Miller), Gleezy has managed to find a completely unique style, synthesizers and environments that tell us stories, 5 interconnected songs full of beautiful melodies, immersive spaces and even moments of pure freedom.


Madrid born and raised, Gleezy is an electronic music artist. With a wide source of inspiration that comes from the UK electronic scene to Hip Hop, his style brings...

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