[BYO·010] Nau Leone – Echoes 2021

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Be Your Own Studio Label


  1. Echoes 2021 ft. Hanna Diaz
  2. Echoes ft. Hanna Diaz

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‘Echoes’ opened many doors for artist Nau Leone. It reached the selling charts at #29 in iTunes Spain the week of its release, the album that contains it, ‘Be Your Own Light’, was discovered for a whole week on Radio 3 [Siglo 21] and called the attention of several record labels and digital media such as Mondo Sonoro, Notodo, Muzikalia or Shit Magazine among others. Five years after its release, the artist and composer Nau Leone, decides to give a twist to the original tracks to create the version of 2021, a new vision that refreshes, gives hope and makes you reconnect with this song like never before. ‘Echoes’ features the powerful voice of Swedish singer Hanna Diaz.

Nau Leone

Nau Leone creates unique landscapes, where electronic music is transformed into a pure cinematographic ambient. His music merge diverse genres as electronica, downtempo, melodic techno, organic house and...

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