[BYO·037] Nau Leone – CRAZY

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Nau Leone – CRAZY

Nau Leone presents a revised rendition of the classic track “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. This rendition takes the form of a wholly revamped club version characterized by a compelling blend of groove and captivating melodies. Deep & electronica vibes offering a ‘momentum’ to every DJ set. The breakdown guides the listener through an emotional journey, culminating in an epic build- up that seamlessly integrates the original lyrics. Notably, the vocals have been re-recorded by the esteemed American singer Jonathan Mouton, known for his participation in “The Voice USA,” thereby infusing a fresh and innovative personality into the original lyrics. The second drop of the track effortlessly delivers an anthemic quality, further enhancing the overall musical experience.

Nau Leone

Nau Leone creates unique landscapes, where electronic music is transformed into a pure cinematographic ambient. His music merge diverse genres as electronica, downtempo, melodic techno, organic house and...

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