[BYO·005] Nau Leone – Confianza [Remixes]

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  1. Confianza (New Jackson Remix)
  2. Raíces (Aron Estocolmo Remix)
  3. Raíces (Yarni Remix)

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“Confianza (New Jackson Remix)” opens this album with an energetic track using the main vocals of the original track, giving it a very well produced new rhythm that melts with synthesizers and melodies building a song easy to dance to.

“Raíces (Aron Estocolmo Remix)” slow down the album with a vibrant deep experience for the soul. The guru Aron, mix the main elements of Raíces with his particular and unique sound: folktronica.

“Raíces (Yarni Remix)” gives Raíces a turn and make it feels even more progressive with a deep house and melodic house touch. It feels like floating in the clouds.

Nau Leone

Nau Leone creates unique landscapes, where electronic music is transformed into a pure cinematographic ambient. His music merge diverse genres as electronica, downtempo, melodic techno, organic house and...

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