[BYO·001] Nau Leone – Confianza

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Be Your Own Studio Label


  1. Confianza
  2. Raíces

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Confianza and Raíces make up this new EP signed by Nau Leone. An EP in which the artist leaves limits and stereotypes aside, connecting with his essence. Aggressive synthesizers, atmospheres, pianos and instruments of Argentine and Andean folklore such as the charango or the zampoña, creating truly beautiful spaces. A music of contrasts, so versatile that it allows you to enjoy it lying on the sofa or dancing incessantly. Inspired by the landscapes of Argentina – Jujuy, Purmamarca, this music tries to reflect the connection and roots that the artist maintains with these landscapes and send a message to the world (and to himself): ‘Trust is the most important thing. Self-confidence can lead you to achieve everything you never imagined. Trusting your environment makes you perceive completely new worlds. ’ This EP, is the first reference of Nau Leone’s new label, Be Your Own Studio Label. A label listed as a record label for emotional electronic music. ‘I have often felt self-conscious about having to categorize music into different musical genres, music should be free, and it should be listeners and critics who classify it to their liking’ – says Nau Leone .


Es la primera referencia de su nuevo sello discográfico, Be Your Own Studio Label. ‘Confianza’ y ‘Raíces’ conforman este nuevo EP firmado por Nau Leone. Un trabajo en el que nuevamente se olvida de límites y deja todo tipo de estereotipos a un lado. (Complete Review)


Inspirada en los paisajes de Argentina – Jujuy, Purmamarca, el EP refleja la conexión y raíces que sostiene el artista con estos parajes.

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Radio 3 – Siglo 21

«Confianza» y «Raíces» conforman este nuevo EP firmado por Nau Leone. Un EP en el que nuevamente, el artista deja limites y estereotipos a un lado, conectando con su esencia.


«Confianza EP» es la primera referencia del nuevo sello discográfico de Nau Leone, Be Your Own Studio Label, adscrito a la música electrónica emocional.


Entrevistamos a Nau Leone, creador de composiciones personalísimas –como este ‘Confianza EP’ que sirve para estrenar su sello Be Your Own Studio– que te moverán y conmoverán.

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Nau Leone

Nau Leone creates unique landscapes, where electronic music is transformed into a pure cinematographic ambient. His music merge diverse genres as electronica, downtempo, melodic techno, organic house and...

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