[BYO·031] Be Vol.3 (VA Album)

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Be Your Own Studio Label


  1. Gleezy – It’s Nice Outside
  2. OCKTIVE – Avid Raise
  3. Idriss Reina – This Era
  4. ARVOW – Present In Chaos
  5. Moltonic – One Day At a Time

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‘Be’ VA albums has become an essential release on Be Your Own Studio Label. We invite artists to focus and get inspired in one theme. In Be Vol.1 (2021) we talked about being an artist during the COVID-19 pandemia. In Be Vol.2 (2022) we talked about bloom and hope, life returning to normality. In Be Vol.3 (2023) we want to talk about ‘Being Present’ and ‘NOW’. Too much past evokes depression, too much future evokes anxiety. Being present is very important to keep focus. ‘Being present in your life actually makes you a happier, healthier human being, as it leads to better moods, more energy, less emotional distress and can even lessen emotional exhaustion in the workplace. Mindfulness allows you to better regulate your emotions, as well as practice gratitude and empathy’


Madrid born and raised, Gleezy is an electronic music artist. With a wide source of inspiration that comes from the UK electronic scene to Hip Hop, his style brings...

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United by the experimentation with melodic, IDM and techno sounds, Gonzalo Bautista (former keyboardist of the Spanish post-rock band Autumn Comets) and Dani González (a.k.a Gleezy) are OCKTIVE.


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Breakbeat, Ambient and Electronica artist ARVØW continues to experiment in the worlds of sound synthesis, contemporary composition and Dance music. Each track holding emotional themes of introspection and hope....

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