[BYO·017] Be Vol.2 (VA Album)

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Be Your Own Studio Label


  1. Gleezy – Scarlet Sky
  2. ARVOW – Detox
  3. Nau Leone – Everything Will Bloom Again
  4. Idriss Reina – Proceso
  5. Pjets, Ellora – Wonder Why

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For the second year in a row, Be Your Own Studio Label presents Be Vol.2, its annual VA album that tries to reflect universal life experiences through the vision of a refined selection of artists. After a few years of pandemic, lockdowns and uncertainty, this year theme was ‘flourish’, life return, the resurgence. This year’s roster brings us artist from Spain (Gleezy, Idriss Reina, Nau Leone), England (ARVØW) and Belgium (Pjets ft. Elle a L’aura). The cover art is a work of the Argentinean designer Uriel Silva.


Madrid born and raised, Gleezy is an electronic music artist. With a wide source of inspiration that comes from the UK electronic scene to Hip Hop, his style brings...

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Breakbeat, Ambient and Electronica artist ARVØW continues to experiment in the worlds of sound synthesis, contemporary composition and Dance music. Each track holding emotional themes of introspection and hope....

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Nau Leone

Nau Leone creates unique landscapes, where electronic music is transformed into a pure cinematographic ambient. His music merge diverse genres as electronica, downtempo, melodic techno, organic house and...

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