[BYO·006] Be Vol.1 (VA Album)

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Be Your Own Studio Label


  1. DWYR – Memories
  2. Gleezy – Coffee at the Airport
  3. Mehlic – Bipolar
  4. Syeed Asadi – Maybe
  5. Bastian Benjamin – Weightless
  6. VISE – Visions

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Be Your Own Studio Label presents Be Vol. 1, their first VA album. As its name suggests, this album tries to reflect and represent the experiences of many artists during this last year; A new concept of the label to reflect its brief history and at the same time its environment. Emotional electronic music that fluctuates from the most peaceful ambient to the most energetic bass and kick drums, passing through beautiful orchestral textures. For this first edition we have artists of international stature, great creativity and talent such as DWYR, Gleezy, Mehlic, Syeed Asadi, Bastian Benjamin or VISE. The cover art is a work of the Argentinean designer Uriel Silva.


Madrid born and raised, Gleezy is an electronic music artist. With a wide source of inspiration that comes from the UK electronic scene to Hip Hop, his style brings...

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