[BYO·023] ARVØW – Subliminal

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  1. Subliminal

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‘Subliminal’ is the single from upcoming ARVØW’s EP – ‘Last Contact’. ‘The entire EP is inspired by the different phases of lockdown, especially the cold ones. It’s almost a creation to myself of hope and drive.’ – ARVØW Subliminal emphazises the entire EP, it’s like a microcosm of the entire thing. It feels dark and confused but there’s also a growing sense of hope and reassurance. The synths dance around on top of the driving piano chords, while the kick and breaks push the story forward to a climactic moment where the synths dance elegantly, yet self consciously on top of the track creating a hopeful light in a dark, dark space.


Breakbeat, Ambient and Electronica artist ARVØW continues to experiment in the worlds of sound synthesis, contemporary composition and Dance music. Each track holding emotional themes of introspection and hope....

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