Born in 1992 in the vibrant music scene of Sweden, Anton Kling have immersed himself in electronic music and production from an early age. Crafting his sonic universe within the realms of house music, compositions characterized by a seamless blend of melody, progressiveness, and an organic essence infused with a captivating lo-fi charm.

Anton’s musical palette is expansive, drawing inspiration from a myriad of genres, resulting in a signature sound that is both ambient and spacey, marked by ethereal atmospheres and occasional psychedelic nuances, all intricately woven together with a diverse array of percussion elements.

Rather than conforming to predefined notions, his creative process is spontaneous and intuitive, guided solely by the emotions and moods of the moment. As an avid listener of music across all spectrums, Anton Kling work is enriched by a tapestry of influences, reflecting a deep appreciation for the endless possibilities of musical expression.